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Memory Improvement Techniques Which Help For Exams

Simply reading over notes is the most used study technique among students across the world.
Often reading over notes involves just reading over the text book. This is basic and unsuccessful study. But if you write your own notes from the text book or class time and then read over that then study can be classified as good.

However in so many cases good study is not good enough. Often you need to take your marks up %5 to get that A plus, or distinction. Just simply reading over notes or the text book will not do this in a majority of cases. This is where i introduce memory techniques.

Memory techniques are powerful. Often i have walked into exams with 5 pages of an essay, known word for word in my head. If you can master memory techniques your going to write fabulous essays and other answers in exams.

The main memory skill that i used and developed over time was speaking out my notes. I would repeat a sentence of my notes three times and then learn another sentence. After i had learnt the next sentence three times i would combine both sentences and say them together the same amount of times as i had before. And then just keep going and introducing more notes. At times you will forget a line. But you will remember a lot. And knowing answers word for word is a special tool to go well in exams, something that you should do. So speak your notes out loud. Eventually until your not reading your notes off anything, just speaking them from memory.

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