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1980 Miyata Six Ten

A Giant. A fast, strong, yet nimble Giant.

68cm Miyata 610

More Info:
I needed a cheap bike to get me around while the first pass of my Semi Pro was being completed. I came across this behemoth on craigslist, and although I probably shouldnt be riding larger than a 64cm, I just couldnt pass it up. The frame and paint were in fantastic shape, drive train needed a few adjustments, but the tires were bald. I put tires on it, rode it for a month, sold it, and managed to break even on the tires.

Added by heathmusic. Last updated about 9 years ago.

As of about 12 years ago, heathmusic has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



reyhanmahardika says:

i think this is the biggest size i've ever seen

Posted about 12 years ago


Hairnet says:

This is great. I just took apart my 67cm Schwinn and I have 67cm Fuji in my garage. I see you too are in LA, cool, but I don't need another giant frame

Posted about 12 years ago


grandpa916 says:

that thing is huge

Posted about 12 years ago


heathmusic says:


Posted about 12 years ago