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1992 Bridgestone RB-2

What does sixty bucks and a trip down to Santa Cruz get you? A weird chop-job vintage roadie, that's what. "A good handful of shrooms" would also have been a solid answer. //// The brakebridge was raised by a previous owner to clear what looks to be 35c, and installed backwards

Ishiwata 4130 CroMo, 56cm

Velo Orange Campeur fork / Tange Levin NJS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Ritchey Logic Double / IRD QB-75

MKS Grip King

46x36 / 11-36 9-speed

Shimano 105 ST-5500 / FD-6600 / RD-M591

Nitto Grand Randonneur 44mm / Nitto Technomic 110mm

Brooks Cambium C17 / Titec Aluminum

Avid Shorty 4 cantilever / Shimano R451 caliper

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H+Son Archetype / Dura Ace 7400 hub / Panaracer Gravelking 32c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Novarra-Weinmann road wheel / Vitoria Zaffiro Pro Graphene 2.0 32c

Innovations Cycling Watersnake botlte cages / Nitto M12 mini-rack / Lone Peak mini-rack bag / Anza Bag Company handlebar bag / Crane hand-painted bell

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. DA7402
  3. Summer lovin'
  4. #BasketAndChill
  5. Smoke break upd8
  6. Autumn Sport Tourer

Current Stage Info:

Agile, comfortable, confident through every turn.

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walmartmoutainbike says:

Holy crap an update on one of my favorite bikes!

Posted over 1 year ago


henry510 says:

I believe Soma makes a 1" fork for their San Marcos frame that will work for your build.

Posted over 5 years ago


Kyono says:

Aside from the concerning fork dropout mods, looks like a neat bike- I'd like to do something to mine to fit 35's as well. Should be a fun platform to learn with, keep on exploring the ins and outs of drivetrains and put lots of miles on it!

Posted over 5 years ago


sublorange says:

thanks for the well wishes! picking up wrenching shortly after learning to ride a bike has been a frustrating but endlessly fun experience.

if it provides any comfort, i've since filled the gap in the fork dropouts with bondo so in the case of catastrophic failure i have a chance to stop and not just get sent over the bars. if you spot a 1" threaded fork that'll clear 32c let a guy know!

Posted over 5 years ago


_rd says:


Shrooms are free this time of year - save your money.

Posted over 5 years ago


zian says:

This is some wild shit haha

Posted over 5 years ago


sublorange says:

thanks dude! i feel like our bikes are kindred DILLIGAF spirits. if i were rich and not fat i'd go full buckwild and grab that threaded wound-up fork for sale in the marketplace right now

Posted over 5 years ago