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1992' Bridgestone X0-1

Nice example of the bike with several changes to my liking.

Ishiwata quad butted tubing

Ritchie fork / Campagnolo Nuevo record

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SunTour Superbe Pro / Campagnolo Nuevo Record

Sun Tour Superb Pro

SunTour / 13-26 / 53 / 39 / SunTour Ultra 6

SunTour Superbe Pro / SunTour Accushift Bar Cons.

Nitto Mustache / Nitto Dirt Drop

Sella Turbo / Sugino

SunTour Superbe 4700

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya RM17 / SunTour Superbe Pro / Compass Elk Pass

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Araya / RM17 / SunTour Superbe Pro / Compass Elk Pass

Tubus Airy Titanium Rear Rack, Acorn Roll Bag, Paul Light Mount, BM IXON Premium Light, Joe Breeze, Josh Angel High Rite Seat Post Adjuster.

More Info:
92' Bridgestone X0-1 59cm. My intentions were to go back to friction shifting and non aero brakes to build the bike the way it would suit me best. I used components from 1977' - 1992'. The15 years of technology in the mix worked out very well. I covered the bars in a grey clothe tape and finished with hemp twine. I put three coats of clear shellac to finish. The SunTour 4700 brakes had the correct reach for the 26" wheels. The wheels are original but were hand built with the Superbe sealed bearings hubs. The Nitto stem is period correct and was an option between the Ritchie Force stem. I do have the Ritchie force stem. Just to note I have all of the stock parts put away.

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