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2015 Santa Cruz Stigmata CC Rival

The Santa Cruz sales rep came by our shop and brought a demo bike. I saw it and immediately got sold on the bike. A couple of hours after the sales rep left, I posted my Swiss Cross on Craigslist. I sold the bike and put an order in for this bike. I am also still waiting on some Shimano XT XC pedals and some WTB Nano 700x40 tubeless tires. Once I finish this bike, I will post better quality pics. For the meantime, I am posting what I have so far.

Santa Cruz Stigmata CC

Santa Cruz Stigmata, Cane Creek Forty

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
SRAM PF30 BB, SRAM Rival 22 crankset

Shimano PD-520

SRAM Rival 22

SRAM Rival 22

Zipp Service Course

Zipp Service Course, WTB Silverado Ti

SRAM Rival Hydraulic disc

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
DT Swiss 370 laced to WTB i19 rims, WTB Nano 700x40

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
DT Swiss 370 laced to WTB i19 rims, WTB Nano 700x40

Bike History

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  1. Initial
  2. Fully built up

Current Stage Info:

The new shifters finally came in. Routing the brake hose internally through the fork and frame was a pain. Cutting the hoses, then bleeding it was a pain. Routing the shifter cables was a pain. But after that was all done, adjustments on the bike was done fairly quickly.

I set up the tires tubeless. The beads snapped in fairly easily. Now the only thing I'm waiting for are the pedals.

The first impressions that I had on this bike after my first ride were pretty positive. The frame is stiff, but forgiving on rough rocky fireroads. The SRAM Rival group on the other hand is a hit-and-miss for me. I like the hydraulic brakes, the modulation is fantastic compared to hydro Shimano and just as powerful. The rotors on the other hand squeals and wasn't true upon installation even with even torque on the bolts. Shimano stuff does not do this.

The shifting is terrible compared to Campy and Shimano. In my opinion Double-Tap is shit. SRAM's shifting isn't as smooth as Shimano, and it isn't as positive and quick as Campy. Even though the ugly bulbous shifters is quite an eyesore, I like holding on to it on long climbs. Despite all of these, I can live with these shifters.

The tires are fantastic. Grips on singletrack really well and can be set up at 20 psi without any problems. My only gripe is that it loses air consistently. I cannot keep more than 25 psi on it, which made climbing on the road a freakin nightmare. I just need to add more tape to the rim, that will fix the issue.

Overall, I'm really happy with this bike. I just wished it was available with a Shimano build. I could've gotten the Ibis Hukkalugi with and Ultegra build along with some RS685, but the frame is ugly as fuck compared to this one.

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jeroenfl says:

Beautiful !

Posted over 7 years ago


SirHustlerEsq says:

Do those tires "go on" with a floor pump on that WTB rim?

Posted about 8 years ago


retroawesomeness says:

Na, i used a compressor.

Posted about 8 years ago


poellez says:

Fantastic set up. How does it feel riding the 40mm tires?

Posted about 9 years ago


retroawesomeness says:

It's great! Going tubeless has me running these tires at 20psi on the trails. Good traction too. It feels heavy on the roads though.

Posted about 9 years ago


mingoia says:

Awesome frame!

Posted about 9 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted about 8 years ago


Blitz_BNR34 says:

Sick Frame! I didn't know Santa Cruz makes CCX frames

Posted about 9 years ago


moose says:

very nice

Posted about 9 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted about 8 years ago