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'73-4? Holdsworth Professional

My Holdsworth build is finished. Time to sell it and move along to another project.

Holdsworth Professional

Added by Irish_Murph. Last updated over 6 years ago.



Ronzonatron says:

Gawd-Lovely except the seatpost. Wouldn't ride on that if you paid me. A mate of mine was lucky to escape with his balls intact when a similarly drilled Campy post snapped in the middle of a race. Your precious cargo down there is too precious and vulnerable to risk like that. NEVER compromise the strength of your seatpost. Drillium was a short lived trend for a reason and it sounded like "snap, crackle and pop!"

Posted over 5 years ago


bookit89 says:

This makes me very sad that i did not buy this frameset when i had the chance, but very happy because i dont think i could have done it the justice you did. nice build.

Posted almost 7 years ago


Irish_Murph says:

Yes, I got a set of blue ones from England, I prefer the color contrast of them to just the plain white.
Not original now but it's going to be a rider, not a show bike.

Posted over 7 years ago


Jehu says:

Not a single speed hopefully..?

Posted over 7 years ago


DuddyJ says:

Did you get new decals for this thing? This was previously my frame!

Posted over 7 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:

I thought it looked familiar

Posted over 7 years ago