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Simoncini Road

I have owned this bike for over 15 years now. I first built it up when I lived in Fl in the late 90's. Got the frameset at a LBS The Bicycle Spot in Oakland Park Ft. Lauderdale. I asked Peyton, the owner, what the biggest Italian frameset he had was and he said the Simoncini was the only one that fit the bill. Used as much Campy parts as I could afford at the time. It's still outfitted with most of everything it had when it was built up back then, except of course for the wheel set. It's been my daily, weekly and monthly road bike ever since. Has tons of miles and a few crashes. Even has a bent chain stay that I crudely cold straightened so as it wasn't riding sideways on me. There's a lot of history with me and my Simoncini. Probably the only bike I could never sell.

Simoncini Road

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