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Post apocalyptic full suspension 29er Rat Rod / Monster Cruiser. -Once rusty, since reborn in a sulphuric acid rain *** Rat Rod Bikes Build Off 18 Class 1 Overall Winner 2024 & 9th Annual OddJob Awards - BO 18 Winner 2024 *** Initially a basic matte black 26” cruiser, with internal 3-speed gears and coaster brake. Sanded down to raw steel and exposed to the elements. Covered in rust. Then reborn in a phosphoric acid rain as Acid, full suspension chop-shop 29+ monster cruiser *** The initial idea was to just give the bike a post apocalyptic look, Mad Max: Fury Road style, by grinding off paint and let the exposed steel rust, fit external gears and knobby tires. -Then it all went a bit out of control.. 29x3 inch tires. Working -backyard built- rear suspension. Front suspension fork from a 1938 motorcycle. Dual projector headlight assembly

Added by hbn. Last updated about 2 months ago.



ianiscaratti says:

wild ideas man! I prefere the harley front than the superbike one

Posted 5 months ago


GhostRidingTheWhip says:


Posted 4 months ago


ianiscaratti says:

the real front with the twoo lights is even better!

Posted 4 months ago


hbn says:

Thanks guys. It turned out well and rides like a beast

Posted 3 months ago