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All-City Log Lady

Totally forgot about this one, good project this winter. Breathed life back into this frame. Previous owner was in a pretty nasty crash snapped the steel fork and smashed the rear spacing to a mere 55mm squished the rear wheel right out the back from what I am told. Surprisingly no dents or crimps and the rest of the frame is straight. Was able to get it spaced back out to 135mm

All City Log Lady M

MRP Rock Solid

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Added by mnmash. Last updated over 5 years ago.



mattnes17 says:

Do you still have this Log Lady? I'm curious if it ever got built up :)

Posted over 4 years ago


wojtek says:

Whoa, good job on the rear triangle salvage operation

Posted over 6 years ago


mnmash says:

Sorry accidentally deleted your other comment. Thanks, yeah it took a bit of doing and lots of minor tweaking but everything is square back there again. I haven't gotten a chance to build this up yet got sidetracked with my unplanned nature boy build, haha, but hopefully before the snow flies!

Posted over 6 years ago


mehridedatyou says:

Subbed for a good time! I love my log lady

Posted over 6 years ago