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Frame has a crack at the junction of the seat stay and seat tube. Rear triangle is bent in two different directions.

54cm EAI BK

More Info:
Traded this for another Rock Shox Dart 3

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  3. Junk

Added by UCF_Eric. Last updated over 11 years ago.

As of over 11 years ago, UCF_Eric has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



hamfoh says:

lol jesus dude. be careful

Posted over 11 years ago


UCF_Eric says:

Bike is sitting as a bare frame in my bedroom. I picked up a Pake for cheap and used the fork off of this for the time being. Turns out it's bent and buckled as well....I can't win.

Posted over 11 years ago


Scrodzilla says:

Bummer about the frame damage. Loving that color!

Posted over 11 years ago


UCF_Eric says:

Yeah, this fits much better than the 56 I have. It still rides nice even with the damage, I just get nervous hitting pot holes.

Posted over 11 years ago