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Berretto Track

This is my Berretto by Brett Richardson of Brisbane, Australia. Brett doesn't build many frames anymore but he built this one for himself before selling it to me. Dated 13-11-2011 on the head-tube badge. It is an interesting frame built with Reynolds 531 OS tubing, tiny rolled stays, fully chromed underneath with very nice chromovelato lacquer. It has little fork rake, huge BB height and long, slightly sloping top tube and a cool brake bridge. Fork clearance barely takes the 20c clincher. Probably slightly too long for me but does the trick with the short stem. Rushed these pics before the sun disappeared and missed some of the frame details, will attempt better ones soon.


Berretto straight blade, Record threadless (which chorus cap).

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Veloce 111mm.

Wellgo clipless.

Campagnolo Record 165 with 51t Campagnolo to with whatever cog (16t pictured).

No-name a-head stem with Soma HWY1 26.0 compacts.

Campagnolo Chrous 27.2 aero (shimmed from 29.4) with Turbo Super saddle.

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Shamal Clincher with 20c Veloflex Record (maximum size).

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo Khamsin with 23c Veloflex Criterium (safer rubber thickness than record tub for outdoor track use).

Added by alibi. Last updated over 8 years ago.

As of over 8 years ago, alibi has indicated that they no longer own this bike.

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Armond says:

I was lucky to get this bike some time ago and was smitten with the amazing job Alibi did that I thought it deserved to be rebuilt to exactly or if possible to the same spec - fortunately I managed to acquire Turbo seat ,new Camp Track crankset and luckily I had the shamal and disc also - so presto its all as was and has been winning races with my son of 17years on board .will post some pictures again soon as it is a piece of eye candy. Congratulations to you ALIBI for the inspiration - keeping it alive my friend.

Posted over 6 years ago


Dimaz says:


Posted almost 7 years ago


zeegz says:

Any chance you'd sell the campy disc?

Posted over 7 years ago


RamboGT5 says:

Work of art.

Posted almost 8 years ago


cgmarshall says:

Great bike and photography!

Posted about 8 years ago


doc says:

this is truly stunning

Posted about 8 years ago


riceboy says:

This is beautiful. I wish I could take pictures that nice.

Posted over 8 years ago


pearleen says:

that bb height is mostly insane. do your toes touch the ground ?

Posted over 8 years ago


andrey1213 says:

great bike, great pictures!

Posted almost 9 years ago


skiddles says:

absolutely beautiful !

Posted about 9 years ago


ShortlyCycles says:

Amazing! Love so much the retro' style and look. Congrats

Posted about 9 years ago


moonshot says:

OH god.

Posted about 9 years ago


brenmitch says:

Love the lighting! Better than if it wasn't sunset. Stunning Campy build kit.

Posted about 9 years ago


crashoverride says:

nice bike! also nice pics ;) #lightbro

Posted about 9 years ago


alibi says:

haha, you got it! Thanks bro :)

Posted about 9 years ago


pearleen says:

this bike didn't spend enough time in the front page's spotlight. the merckx that replaced it is totally bland.

Posted about 9 years ago


Elrey says:

Very cool track bike!

Posted about 9 years ago


hmdns says:

Lovely! And those Farleigh are beautiful too

Posted about 9 years ago


Maccc says:

Was this a pursuit frame?

Posted about 9 years ago


alibi says:

Nah, original fork. Good question though; BB height is just shy of UCI maximum.

Posted about 9 years ago

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