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Bontrager Race Lite - '94/7

Picked this frame up nearly a year ago and finally got all the parts and finished it up. It's a '94 but went back to Santa Cruz in late '96/early '97 for a warrantied repair and got a new rear triangle hence the single piece stays (late production detail) and front mech roller(early production detail) Apparently it wasn't really ridden after the repair as it got new powder and decals and it's tidy as hell.

Race Lite

Igleheart/CK 1" Threadless

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Cook Bros F-Type compact with NOS Shimano and Profile rings and Tioga bolts/old school White Industries with Ti spindle

xt m735

xtr m900 8spd cassette

m900 mechs with NOS Vuelta pulleys and rollamajig/XC Pro 8spd

Titec Helloin/Moots

Selle San Marco Bontrager Ti rails/Syncros Ti 26.8mm

m900 calipers with ceramic Koolstop pads and old Paul levers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Bontrager Valiant, ceramic / XTRm950, radial lace/ Continental Cross King

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Bontrager Valiant ASYM, ceramic / XTRm950/ Continental Race King

Dirt Rag sticker, NOS XTR cables, NOS Bontrager Race grips, Ringle skewers, DKG boosters and repop WTB Hanger

More Info:
right at 20lbs as pictured and it rips.

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. frame nekked
  2. built

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Sorted66 says:

Hi, What a great job. What a machine.
I have a 1998 that I’m doing up we have been through a lot together over the last 23 years..
My decals are shabby where did you get your replacements from?

Posted 3 days ago


NicolasCalifornia says:

Keith Bontrager. Steve Potts. Gary Fisher. All these legends breathed the same air iani.

Posted 9 months ago


GhostRidingTheWhip says:


Posted 9 months ago


br0qn says:

Only, Gary Fisher never built a bike in his life. From what I gather he was a great rider and a marketing guru.

Posted 9 months ago


ianiscaratti says:

So trek makes in house components called bontrager but they make frames called bontrager too?

Posted 9 months ago


br0qn says:

Keith Bontrager was hired by Trek to design and develop a component line after they purchased (and then shut down) his company. He had already been building bikes and developing components in Santa Cruz under his own name since the 80s.

Among many super early innovations, primarily in the MTB world, though he was building championship winning cross bikes long before, he is also credited for co-designing the first RockShox.

Fascinating history and I fell in love with his way of thinking.

Posted 9 months ago