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Bridgestone Anchor

More Info:
Frame, Fork, Headset (Sold)

Added by Andr3. Last updated about 13 years ago.

As of about 13 years ago, Andr3 has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



ThisGuyPedro says:

what's that metal thing on the top tube?
this bike looks amazing!!!!

Posted over 12 years ago


sealed says:

kashimax top tube protector

Posted almost 12 years ago


Coomer says:

Great looking Anchor! What's with that circle on the BB shell? Is it covering an NJS stamp?

Posted about 13 years ago


Andr3 says:

That's what I'm thinking. My friend bought it from some guy in Japan that refinishes frames. I email'd the seller about it, but haven't got a response.

Posted about 13 years ago