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Conti Astore

Conti – Ciocc 'Astore' 57cm square crimped lugged Dedalo steel

pantographed Conti / Campy Chorus

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campy Chorus? Centaur?


53/39 front, don't bother counting rear teeth. fast enough


Selle Italia TT Flite, Campy Aero?

Delta brakes (thanks www.fyxomatosis.com)

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
machined red Deep V to Veloce 36H

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
machined red Deep V to Veloce 36H

More Info:
Sporting a peculiar crimped tubeset, Dedacciai sticker but Lorenzo from Deda doesn't lay claim to these tubes, sez it could be Columbus... She's a bit of a mystery, Conti bikes are rare and so is info about them. The Fleur de Lys is the symbol of Florence and there is (was) a team Santi Conti Galli around there who may have commissioned these frames from Ciocc (check the decal that reads Ciocc by Conti) then turned the Ciocc 'C' into the Conti 'C'. I dunno. Would love to find out more info about these bikes if anyone can help? The swoosh paint turns up on Concorde AND Ciocc frames, so does the Italian Flag panto on the top tube. But the crimping... I've seen a Vitus with similar crimping patterns but only on the top and down tube. ANYWAY she's a goddess, I call her the Contessa, if she was a car she'd be the Ferrari from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Sure she's a little beat only a short ride will blow away any cobwebs... The Ergopower levers are like paddle shifters on a GT. Love. 'Astore' is Italian for 'Goshawk'. Thanks Lynn from www.chainringtransitauthority.com for my red wheels!

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spin4130 says:

very nice classic look.

Posted over 14 years ago


DoubleOh2 says:

Thanks spin4130, she's just about to get reborn as a single speed, still with drops and retaining the classic look, all Campy, just no derailleurs...

Posted over 14 years ago


MonsieurGloomy says:

Stop turning these classics into single speed/fixies. Please.

Posted almost 12 years ago


mattsbeers says:

I have seen those tubes used on a newer model Ciocc. Nice bike but flat pedals?

Posted almost 15 years ago


DoubleOh2 says:

Cheers Matt! Yeah, flats, that's how I roll, sneakers mainly, just around town. If I'm doing some k's on it I'll stick the clips on.

I'd love to see some pics of that Ciocc you mentioned, if you come across any!

Posted almost 15 years ago


Coomer says:

Love it! Looks fantastic!

Posted almost 15 years ago