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Crust Evasion

Recently picked up this gently used Crust Evasion build. The fork hadn't even been cut down to size yet. I plan on building this into a pretty sweet "dad bike" / heavy duty cruiser that will also double as my winter bike the 5-months of the year we have snow on the ground.

Crust Evasion

Evasion Bi-Plane Low Trail Fork

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Black Spire

Black Spire


SRAM GX / GX Gripshift

Jones Loop Aluminum 710

Brooks C19

Paul Klampers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
26" Velocity Blunt 35 / SP Dynamo / 3.0" WTB Ranger

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
26" Velocity Blunt 35 / Hope Pro 4 / 3.0" WTB Ranger

- Surly 8-Pack Rack - Wald 139 Basket - Crane E-ne Bell - Custom Porcelain Rocket 139 Basket Bag - B&M Lumotec IQ-X Dynamo Light - Wald 26" "Balloon" Fenders

More Info:
The Wald Fenders were $20 and measure 82mm, which easily covers the 3.0" WTB Rangers, but they're super heavy.

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. After Damage Repaired
  3. 26" Dynamo Setup

Current Stage Info:

Dropped down to 26" wheels for winter and added a dynamo. The bike feels so much more planted with these smaller wheels.

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desfoisque says:

Hey, I almost bought this bike! Ended up not taking it since shipping to Montreal would have been too high. I'm sorry to hear the bike was damaded during shipping process.What exactly happened?
Anyways, I got myself a medium Evasion in sunset kiss color. The build is coming along nice :)

Posted over 5 years ago


chipmartens says:


I shipped the bike to just over the border and picked it up, which saved me a considerable amount on shipping. Unfortunately when the bike arrived, it looked like the box was either smooshed under a larger item or was dropped from higher up onto the ground.

The bike was wrapped very well, but the way the bars were positioned in the box, they put a small dent in the frame. One of the wheel spacers popped out of the box and the rear derailleur hanger was bent. There was also some minor aesthetic damage, however those components didn't require replacement.

We had everything well documented and the damage to the bike lined up with the dirt on the outside of the box. I ordered the replacement parts the next day, for about $60USD.

I had shipping insurance, but didn't expect them to pay out. It was disappointing, as the bike was in like-new condition before I purchased it, but I was still excited about the price and everything still functioned well with the replacement parts.

The insurance company was great, since we had everything very well documented, and I actually managed to get all of my money back because of the damage. So yes, the bike was slightly damaged, but it only ended up costing me about $200USD.


Posted over 5 years ago


chipmartens says:

Also, that Sunset Kiss is such a nice colour. If I didn't manage to snag this complete, my plan was to build up a Sunset Kiss frameset.

Posted over 5 years ago


desfoisque says:

Geez, you're lucky! Glad in turned out so well in the end. I'm goind to keep a look at your build! Cheers!

Posted over 5 years ago


chipmartens says:

It's true, I've had to pinch myself a few times. Once I sell my previous bike ( a 2017 Marin Muirwoods ) I'm going to dump some money into a dynamo lighting setup before winter hits, and fit the bike with some 2.8" WTB Rangers and possibly some Sim Works Flat 65 fenders, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it's current state.

I might replace the Wolverine with a Romanceur yet, but we'll wait and see. Looking forward to seeing how you build yours up!

Posted over 5 years ago