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Custom 36er for Shaquille O'neal

I designed and manufactured this bike (as a "Ghost Builder") for a guy who was starting up a small business centered around bikes for exceptionally tall people. I've since stopped this practice as it tends to give little to no credit to the hard work, ingenuity, creativity, and persistence of creating something from nothing. Shaquille is 7' 2" tall and 360 pounds. This was an exciting bike to build and I'm proud of the final result.

Custom Fillet brazed 4130 steel. polished, nickle plated

custom Fillet brazed 4130 steel. polished, nickle plated, cane creek headset with 1.5" steerer.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
custom 220mm crank arms. custom spindle. Bushnell eccentric.

big flats.

Rohloff. Custom 48 hole large diameter shell with 150 OLD. machined in France to avoid Lawsuits. seriously.

Co-motion 31.8 twister

Custom one-piece fillet brazed 4130 steel. 31.8 grip diameter with brake lever extensions for large (huge) hands


hydraulic disks, 250mm rotors

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
36 inch wheels, custom Phil Wood hub. 20mm thru axle, 135 OLD

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
36 inch wheel. Rohloff.

More Info:
The small company I built this for is currently selling aluminum 36 inch-wheel bikes built by Ventana.

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