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for sale =*( eai bareknuckle


56 cm eai bareknuckle

black wound ups/Phil Wood headset

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Phil wood

MKS Sylvan with all-city cages and straps.

campy 50 tooth chainring/eai gold medal pro 16 tooth cog

Thomson aluminum downhill risers/Thomson x2 stem

Specialize toupe saddle/Thomson masterpiece seatpost

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Phil wood 28 hole slr/Mavic open pro/dt aerocomp spokes/bontrager aw3 25c tire

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Phil wood 28 hole slr/Mavic open pro/dt aerocomp spokes/bontrager aw3 25c tire

More Info:
managed to find a pair of the 28 hole cd open pros on here for a good deal. not exactly black but it's as close as i'm willing to get so hopefully ya'll can sleep at night.

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Current Stage Info:

Finally satisfied with this bike. It is now my simple yet elegant beater, I have 2 jobs and one of them is close enough that I use this to get there. Beer run bike. The bike that I can use to get places and enjoy being at those places in regular shoes. All phil × thomson because what else is there in regards to being bomb proof? Was a baby blue 54, traded with cappuccio for this 56. Probably one of the bikes I've had the most fun with over the course of our history together as well as one of the framesets I've owned the longest. Definitely my baby.

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FABEL says:

I think BK's are exceptional framesets too, but @ the very least, please: paint the machined sidewalls & remove the 'Supreme' decal

Posted almost 7 years ago


poopypat says:

I thought about it and I kinda regret my rim choice but they're mavic open pros so I settle. I've considered switching them out for tb14s as I'm pretty sure I could use the same spokes but then I'd be paying for more weight which is kinda just dumb and I don't really care enough to do something like paint them, it's kinda silly to me. And the supreme sticker stays. I know people don't like it but they didn't put the money down so they're opinion is pretty irrelevant.

Posted almost 7 years ago


poopypat says:

It's kinda funny cause some people might argue that the machined sidewalls look cheap or whatever they might say but look at my damn bike, man. It's a subtle trolling.

Posted almost 7 years ago


Nathap470 says:


Posted almost 7 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted almost 7 years ago