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Goldsprint 13

Different setups during time, current:

Colossi Al Colossione 52

Tange Levin Alloy LV-1500

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Eightinch Messenger 165, shimano bb

Eclat Alu.

Flat:16T, Hilly:18T, SR Royal LA5 Track Chainring 47T, DID Chain

Italmanubri 110

Flite ti., Syncros (road)

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Rigida, Suntour, Gator

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Rigida, Miche

More Info:
After my first built of the bike, the exact same week it got stolen. After many long days of crying and depression I posted it here. A person who checks Pedalroom regularly sent me a really interesting message and saying like "I think that is your bike, if you are still in Berlin you should check it out!"...and ebay link attached. I clicked and there it was, my baby, same as I left it! First I called the guy, second I went to the cops. Later that day I found myself meeting with undercover cops. As I was ringing the bell the cops were kinda hiding at the entrance. The guy opens the door, cops waited the guy to show the bike and after that they showed themselves! Like a movie right. After that police took my bike to be sure if its really mine. That took a looong time. But in the end the day came and I finally got my bike back 67 days later! Kill bike thieves!

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Ahmetileri says:

an amazing story, This is the fixed spirit.

Posted almost 4 years ago


Noypi says:

Glad that you recovered her. Very nice!

Posted over 5 years ago