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Huffy Dumpster Bike

Someone trashed this nearly-new looking Huffy after botching cable installs for every single cable and breaking a handbrake lever. Still had good tubes, even. I don't like Wal*Mart bikes, because this is exactly what happens (they end up in the landfill) BUT for a price of $0 if figured it's something fun to play with, so here's a before and after.

Huffy U235 Depleted Uranium frame

I'm surprised they don't have plastic axles

SHIMANO SHIMANO SHIMANO they really want you to know they're the cheapest shimano components available!

Electrical tape

Of the Fred Flinstone variety

More Info:
'Painted' with flat white and flat black Plasti-dip. Had been wanting to try the stuff out, and it was an interesting platform to play with.

Added by chaika. Last updated almost 8 years ago.

As of almost 8 years ago, chaika has indicated that they no longer own this bike.

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