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MSC Rain

I mostly ride this bike since I'm sponsored by them and I've done some of my most intense city riding and races on it, It's also had it's share of fixie tricks, stair hops and dirt trails. This thing is solid and has held together through all of it.

MSC Rain 53



More Info:
Traded this bike to my friend Jared for his felt tk3 and we stripped the paint off and painted it green with purple glitter on 8/20/16

Bike History

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  3. Almost done
  4. Stage 4

Added by Raymond510. Last updated almost 8 years ago.

As of almost 8 years ago, Raymond510 has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



velo-ciraptor says:

This is pretty sick, the wheel combo looks great and the bars are crazy.

Posted about 9 years ago


pwebb88 says:

how's the frame ride compared to your cinelli and FTP?

Posted about 9 years ago


Raymond510 says:

It rides awesome. More aggressive than the cinelli which is what I like, it's pretty stiff and rides hella smooth. Would recommend

Posted about 9 years ago