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My cinelli vigorelli <3

My baby is in bike jail right now after I was hit from behind by a drunk driver going 45 mph. Somehow only the back wheel was compromised though I need to still ask a bike shop to test the integrity of the frame. My guess is that it’s fine since I treated this bike so well and never crashed until I was hit. I can add my specs when I get it back. I shattered my pelvis & ankle, my l2 spine “exploded” according to the doctors, I broke 5 ribs and my clavicle. The impact collapsed my lungs so I was on life support and not breathing on my own when I got to the ER. I was in the hospital for almost 4 months. The doctors just cleared me to ride again a few days ago! To anyone going through the same thing as me just know you’re not alone

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jesboogie says:

Godspeed friend! JD

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