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"NJS" Curt Harnett Gardin Special

Bought this frame off my manager who bought it from a local velo-drome having an auction to fund a Jr program (IE buy some kid sized track bikes) Curt Donated this frame (with a hagard BB and headset) along with a funny bike and one like the blue one you see him pictured on in google image searches to the auction. This frame happens to be one of the frames that was "certified" for Curt to race in the international Kerin series back in the 80's as well. I have not tampered with, touched up, restored, or otherwise tampered with it since coming into ownership of it. My manager rolled a dent out of the top tube from what was likely the bar flopping into it, otherwise it remains as curt last rode it (the frame that is, my build kit entirely).

Gardin Track 56cm

un-named 30mm rake 1" unthreaded track fork/ CC40 1"

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
DA 7710 NJS/ DA7700 Italian thread

Look Keo Classic

KMC410H/ Dura-Ace 16t/ all city 13-15/ FSA Track 50t

Specialized Carbon ergo drop 40cm/ Zipp Service Course SL Beyond Black/ thomson steer shim

Specialized Toupe Carbon/ Zipp Service Course SL Beyond Black

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
HPlusson TB14/ DT comp/ Velocity/Vitoria Diamante Pro Lite 23mm

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
HPlusson TB14/ DT comp/ Velocity/Vitoria Diamante Pro Lite 23mm

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. DuraAce/ TB14/ unthreaded fork

Current Stage Info:

I was dealing with some tire rub issues with the wider front wheel and was already running the smallest tire I could find so i bought another fork until I could build a different wheelset. I also bought some DA 7710 cranks and changed to a narrower bar. cogs are because i go to the track and need to change gearing for different events/ training cycles.

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steezydozit says:

Cool. Do you not like seeing your speed when you ride though?

Posted about 8 years ago


Nwray says:

Super late reply but the track I was riding at dictates that you can't have your computer in a visible position while riding. Safety reg. to keep people from staring at it while they ride. pile ups are a shitty but far too easy thing to happen as it is. Last thing you need is some guy doing the chris froome stare at you head unit and ride into something or someone.

Posted over 6 years ago