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NJS Stratos ピスト Japan

Frame's gone to a friend back home in Hawaii.

2007 54cm Stratos Pist (pearl white with rainbow flakes)

Stratos / Hatta Super Swan Deluxe

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Shimano Dura Ace FC-7600 / Hatta R9400

MKS Custom Nuevo / MKS steel toe clips / MKS Alpha Fit double-straps Shimano 105 clipless

EAI Deluxe 18T / Sugino Zen 55T / HKK Vertex

Nitto B123cr 380mm / Champ Milky Way grips / Nitto Jaguar 80mm

Kashimax Aero pearl white 44mm / Thomson Elite 27.2

Dia-Compe BRS-101 w/track adaptor / Dia-Compe MX-122 levers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
HED Jet 9 Flamme Rouge / Vittoria Zaffiro

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Open Pro / Shimano Dura Ace HB-7600 36H / Panaracer RiBMo PT

Kashimax top tube protector, Dia-Compe cable guides

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Initial
  2. Stage 2 (Brakes FTG)

Current Stage Info:

New season, new setup...

"Street-legal" setup to ride around Japan, lighter gearing, different wheels

Added by dresearch. Last updated almost 11 years ago.

As of almost 11 years ago, dresearch has indicated that they no longer own this bike.

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kimbo says:


Posted over 6 years ago


quicksilver says:

Im about to buy this in a week. I'll post it on my page when its built.

Posted over 7 years ago


Milo-AS says:

I have to see, the brakes are part of the charm for me. Of course most track bikes look better without brakes but this has a sort of attraction for me. Either way, it's a stunning bike!

Posted over 10 years ago


felixsusanto says:

nice bike with nice photos .. i always love ur build and the way u take pictures of ur bikes :)

Posted over 11 years ago


jr22 says:

This is... Amazing

Posted over 11 years ago


irongatsby says:

Wow...you have an amazing eye for aesthetics. I enjoyed looking at all your pics. Great stuff..

Posted over 11 years ago


cjdavid says:

what's w/ the dual brakes? anyways nice build

Posted over 11 years ago


KentoBento says:

A law in japan. Now you know.

Posted over 11 years ago


cjdavid says:

I already know that you gonna reply to a comment that's 4 months old? ok

Posted over 11 years ago


jadias says:

Not usually a fan of modern rims on classic keirin frames, but somehow this bike owns the look... even that super-deep carbon front. Sick bike!

Posted almost 12 years ago


stalag13 says:

Beautiful ride, but why don't you have hoods on your levers? And why are they so low? That's not comfortable looking at all.

Posted almost 12 years ago


MincedFeet says:

I don't think those levers accept hoods. Also, I think the only reason he has the brakes on a bike designed for no brakes is the strict (?) japanese authoritay.

Posted almost 12 years ago


dresearch says:

MincedFeet got it right, I only have it on there to comply with the Japan laws; a $700+ fine just isn't worth it. The brakes are completely functional, but I don't need them. It's mounted where it's most functional while riding in the drops, any higher and it's virtually impossible to grab the levers without effort, and it's out of the way from all of my normal handle positions.

Posted almost 12 years ago


Cptsilver says:

what's that rubber ring thing on your top tube?

Posted almost 12 years ago


geraldjna says:

Kashimax top tube protector.

Posted almost 12 years ago


imran says:

nice street bling bling...

Posted almost 12 years ago


fakasap says:

did you have to drill the fork your front break? or is there a set like your rear so you wouldn't have to drill a hole for the front

Posted almost 12 years ago


dresearch says:

Dia-Compe makes a track specific version for the BRS-101 front caliper that clamps onto the fork. The track version has three different clamp styles for circle, oval and aero shaped forks.

Posted almost 12 years ago


cdoles13 says:

nice build man! hows the 55-18 ratio compared to the 55-17? i'm thinking of lighting up my ratio for the street since i have a fix/fix rear dura ace hub.

Posted almost 12 years ago


dresearch says:

It's somewhat lighter, but in all honesty, everyone's different. I used to ride super light gearing, 47x17 and 53x19 for over a year, but I've been trying to build strength since I know what kind of cadence I can maintain. Just play around with your gearing until you find what's optimal for you.

Posted almost 12 years ago

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