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N.O.S. Guerciotti

I found this frame on C.L. while searching for the last parts for my CIÖCC track bike. The ad had only been up for a day and the seller said he already had 35 emails and not to tell him I wanted to make it a fixie. I assured him I didn't need a fixie - that I had a proper Italian track bike and this would be her sister. He liked the story and forgot about the other emails. I said I wouldn't waste his time and would be down the next day with cash, and made all sorts of promises about how I would build it right. I've been trying to live up to those promises ever since, and she's been through 2.5 builds (edit: now 3) trying to get it right. She's a bit fickle though - doesn't like anything except C-record-era Campy, yet went and rejected a set of Delta brakes I bought her for Christmas. Che una principessa!

N.O.S. ~1989 Guerciotti 58cm, Columbus Aelle. Was still in the box from Ten Speed Drive imports when I got it. Cold-set spaced from 126 to 130mm.

Guerciotti / Campagnolo Nuovo Record

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo Chorus / Campagnolo Chorus sealed

Crank bros or Campy Look-style road

Campagnolo Chorus 7-speed / Regina Syncro 7-speed / Campagnolo C9

Campagnolo Chorus 7-speed / 7-speed Syncro II

Cinelli Criterium with sweet Italian snakeskin-print grips/ Cinelli 1A

San Marco Concor Black Suede / SR Sakae

Campagnolo monoplaner Chorus

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
N.O.S. Campagnolo Moskva 80 / Chorus Hub / Hutchinson 700x23

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
N.O.S. Campagnolo Moskva 80 / Chorus Hub / Hutchinson 700x23

UCI World-Champ ribonned San Marco chamois saddle cover.

More Info:
Just finished re-build with N.O.S wheels and C-Record era Chorus drivetrain to match condition of frame. *Sold*

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sloman says:

Had to laugh at the rejection bit, my Romani resto won't take the weinmann pedals I tryed to put on while I rebuilt the Campys. Yep, thats Italian. Both your bikes are awesome.

Posted over 11 years ago


pandafro says:

Isn't it though? Glad somebody gets it. And thanks!

Posted over 11 years ago