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Rivendell Simpleone

Bought this as a web special frameset back in 2014 when someone at Rivendell found it behind a bunch of crates containing hard tack and seal skins. It broke my dick, even at a discount, but I'd wanted a S1 for a couple years and so endured the next three months eating ramen and the corn dogs I stole from an elementary school cafeteria when I found the door open and unattended . Built it up mostly with parts bin stuff but gradually went almost full Gucci (at least Gucci for me). The plan was to do brevets on it, but I only got as far as the second nearest bar. Best bar bike I ever had. Before I got this sexy beast, I had never had a pretty woman come onto me, and that's still the case. But it gets lots of compliments, mostly from late middle-age white guys who look like they play golf but only occasionally and always on someone else's dime, or at least it did before I pulled off the copper fenders in favor of fatter "tyres," as the Brits say. It's stable enough to ride home after a few in the beer garden, carrying still more beer home that you don't need but seem like a good idea at the moment, and without those insanely long chain stays that require a tandem chain that Riv is putting on their bikes now. (Nothing against those; I like 'em). It handled a big porteur load up front nicely, but I've gone with a smaller rack that I think I'll stick with. Someone who is smarter than me said that if you only got one gear, you might as well have a light bike.

Rivendell Simpleone

Simpleone fork/FSA 1" threaded

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Mighty Comp 170mm/Shimano 103mm

Pedaling Innovations Catalyst

White Industries ENO deluxe freewheel 19t/Sugino Mighty Comp 48t/Wipperman SS

Bitch please

Nitto Noodle 46cm/Nitto Tallux 10cm

Brooks B17 Special/Nitto Crystal Fellow

Paul Neo-Retro/Dia-Compe Gran Compe 202 levers

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Quill 700c set up tubeless/SONdelux wide body generator hub/Panracer Gravel King 38mm

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Quill 700c set up tubeless/White Industries Track flip-flop/Gravel King 38mm

Nitto F32 rack, Son EdeluxII upside-down light, Handsome Cycles copper fenders, Crane copper bell, Tanaka copper cages

Bike History

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  2. Stage 2

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Thrasher says:

you gotta great way with the words my friend

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Ashok_Captain says:

Seriously bad-@$$ build and description! Thank you for sharing. Cheers!

Posted almost 3 years ago


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