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Surly Steamroller

2016 Frost Blue Surly Steamroller - a real babe.

56cm Surly Steamroller

Surly Steamroller / VP Comp

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino RD2 / Sugino 103mm

Vintage SR Quill / Christophe Clips

48 / 17

Nitto 302AA / Dimension 70 mm +/- 17

A white one / Miche Supertype

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H Plus Son TB14 / Origin 8 / Panaracer Pasela 35c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H Plus Son TB14 / Origin 8 / Panaracer Pasela 35c

Strong V Grips

Added by oouellette. Last updated about 4 years ago.

As of about 4 years ago, oouellette has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



mnmash says:

So fresh and so clean! Very nice work

Posted over 4 years ago


oouellette says:

This and the Madison are in heavy rotation.

Posted over 6 years ago


CSM says:

Love it! So clean. Is this your daily?

Posted over 6 years ago


FABEL says:

what an honorable build celebrating just how great of a bike one can create when extracting the very most out of every dollar. no hype, just timeless beauty that leaves as much a smile on our face as the dollars left in our pocket.

really really enjoy this. classic reliable tire choice & seeing it fill in the frameset clearances so greatly blending soft colors to emulate a lustworthy relaxing Sunday cruiser. wheelset where comfort/strength/reliability matches the tire cushioning & relaxed elegance of those handlebars polishing all that one can. all day riding gear ratio w/ perfect skid patch combination that one can hop onto w/ any shoes to match the days events. simple saddle utilizing classic design flow atop a stand-out seat post that became an instant classic just like the Steamroller itself. & the little touches acting like they're batting their eyelashes for those that can appreciate the love put out here; things like the seat post collar, tire script aligned w/ valves & topped off in white caps, angle of grips slogan, balance of cockpit height comfort w/ aggressive enough fitment.

damn man, you've done so very well. to bring it past perfect, I'd recommend biting the bullet for Toshi double straps that'll last forever, maybe a vintage campy aero water bottle or Wabi bottle mount?, & certainly polish out all insignia's on that Miche post besides the one used for your insertion height

Posted over 7 years ago


oouellette says:

Wow - thanks for the feedback man. I'm glad you like it!

Posted over 7 years ago


ghostridethewhip says:


Posted almost 7 years ago


moose says:


Posted over 7 years ago


Robert3210 says:

That colour is so nice, sweet build too!

Posted over 7 years ago


mattpelaggi says:

So classy!

Posted over 7 years ago