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Valid Point

Our first women's specific frame

Heat treated Moso and Tonkin Bamboo, E2 aircraft fiberglass, T-700 12k carbon fiber

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charlie says:

Beautiful. Pretty sure I saw a bike of yours on 2nd Avenue downtown the other day. Do you have a retailer or distributor?

Posted over 12 years ago


Validcycles says:

Thanks for the comment Charlie! It probably was one of ours, there are a few of our bikes floating around the city. We don't have a retailer or distributor as all of our bikes are built-to-order, we like to think that each bike is a unique piece, and love it when people ask if we can build them something crazy. All of our business is direct (via email), we are working on a website and getting all our pictures in order, we've ben building for almost two years now, but have only been officially a business for a few months. We are on facebook and twitter if you want to follow what we are working on. We're also at Mulleady's pub a lot in Magnolia, stop by sometime if you're in the area, we love hanging out with other riders. Cheers -Evan

Posted over 12 years ago