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Van Nicholas Chinook Track

Got this on custom order from Van Nich, took 3 months from order to the bike was ready and almost 1200€ for just the frame. Turned out it was too big for me so had to run it with the ridicules 70mm stem. I rode it from Copenhagen to Berlin the long way around 800km and then sold it to a mate that was riding with me to Berlin. He then took it with him to New Zealand and raced it in track events, and now it’s back on the road in flat Denmark. I know one of the filthy rich Hong Kong kids owns one of theses but besides from his I have never seen another Chinook Track.

Van Nicholas chinook track 3AL/2.5V seamless optiformed titanium / size 59 x 59 cm / year 2011

Alpina carbon track 30mm rake / Chris King 1 1/8 with Thomson top cap.

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugnio 75, 165mm / Phil Wood 113 mm (No clearance with 109mm Sugino)

Exustar E-PR200CKTi (88 g/pc)

Sugino Zen 48t / EAI gold medal pro 16t / Mavic lock ring.

Ritchey pro carbon matrix 40cm ctc / Thomson X2 70mm

Selle Italia SLR Teknologika / Thomson Masterpiece InLine 27.2 x 240mm

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Ellipse 2011 / Corsa EVO CX (20x622)

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Ellipse 2011 / Vittoria Rubino Pro III (23-622)

Cateye strada wirelesss.

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As of about 12 years ago, Whatever has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



Sherblock says:

I'd like to point out that a 70 mm stem is quite ok, theres nothing wrong with it dude. Bikes aren't supposed to have insanely short stems.

Also, how did you manage to get a custom bike that didn't fit?

Posted about 12 years ago


Whatever says:

Because real track bikes has aggressive head tube angles it leaves them with very little “trail” so in order to give the bike a more reliable maneuverability you only use stems that are over 90 mm. You wouldn’t know this because you ride a road bike with slack and boring geometry. And from an ascetic point of view less the 90 mm looks horrible.
Because there was no Chinook track frame available to try out, I had to give the measurements to Van Nich and hope for the best. I used the geometry from my Pre Cursa that was 58 cm, however in reality it has a 56.5 top tube and not a 58 cm, so the Van Nich was 2.5 cm longer then the Pre cursa when it arrived.

Posted about 12 years ago


chrispino says:

So you spend 1200€ on a frame without getting properly measured first?

You also fail to look up your current frames geometry and let the builder know the measurements?

Sounds like a wasted 1200€ to me.

Posted about 12 years ago


Whatever says:

Point kiddo. however I now own a carbon frame that fits me ;)

Posted about 12 years ago