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Vivalo Vivalo

This guy from the bike store called me the other day, offered me a great deal on this beautiful NJS frameset. The paint job is so perfect, like it has never been used. So it was done, put all the parts from my previous bike. Got a brand new wheelsets, took it for a lil' ride.. And I said to myself, what a wonderful 'bicycle' world.. :D

Vivalo NJS (51,5 cm)

Vivalo / Hatta Swan Super Deluxe NJS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Dura Ace FC-7710 NJS / Dura Ace BB-7710 NJS

Look KEO 2 Max or MKS Sylvan / Brev M toeclips / Toshi straps

EAI 18T / Dura Ace 51T / HKK Vertex NJS


Nitto ADB-X track or RB-002 bullhorn bars / Dura Ace

San Marco Concor / Dura Ace


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Ellipse / Continental Grand Prix 4000s or FFWD Three / Tufo S-33 Pro

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Mavic Ellipse / Vittoria Rando

Kashimax top tube protector, MKS NJS chain adjusters

Added by grolazu. Last updated over 12 years ago.



chriscandy says:

How did you manage to insert the ADB's into the jaguar? Nice Setup by the way..

Posted over 8 years ago


Lukey says:

That's bad-ass

Posted almost 11 years ago


DayumPanda says:

The elipse's add a nice track touch.

Posted almost 11 years ago


normanseno says:

grey coloured frames coupled with mavic ellipse always blew my eyes :9

Posted over 12 years ago


_huSTLe2481_ says:

dang thats my size! what is the tubing on that bad boy. i have an anchor right now but am totally hooked on these frames. the vivalo's look to be a bit less expensive so im looking to swoop one. that tri-spoke is rad.

Posted over 12 years ago


grolazu says:

I have no idea what tubing it made of. As a matter of fact, the frame's price dropped since Vivalo's NJS license revoked. That's what I've heard from the news, but for me, it's an NJS frame whatsoever. :)

Posted over 12 years ago


stalag13 says:

Actually, if this was produced during Vivalo's current non-NJS licensed period, this bike would not be an NJS bike. Does it have NJS stamped on the bb shell?

Posted over 12 years ago


grolazu says:

I supposed so, but this one has the NJS stamp but only the paint job looks like it never been used for the race

Posted over 12 years ago


taciturn says:

mak!! byk kli sepedanya.. *ngiler..

Posted over 12 years ago


grolazu says:

Halah.. saya sih pengennya 1 aja Mas, makanya parts-nya aja yang bongkar pasang. Kalo bosen, frame dijual. hahaha..

Posted over 12 years ago


53ba5t1an says:

Any chance you want to sell the Dura Ace stem?, Looks like you swapped it out for a Jag

Posted over 12 years ago


grolazu says:

He he he.... I don't think to sell that 'hard to find' stem, actually the DA stem goes with the bullhorn bars, and the Jag would only fits for the trackbars.

Posted over 12 years ago