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FS: 36h Mavic+Durrace track wheelset -$350

Duraace 7600 36h njs(fixed-fixed) hubset + Mavic Open Pro Silver 36h clincher.
It will be coming with brand new rear duraace nuts.

Best training wheelset. Super stiff
This is my favorite wheels, but I am selling it because i don’t have enough space to keep this wheels.
The wheelset is in great condition.
Wheel is true and smooth.
If you want, I can service the wheels before selling the wheelset.
Lockring is also in great condition.

Price is fixed.
I will be not paying for Paypal fee and shipping fee

Located in LA
Feel free to ask me questions
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December 30, 2018 05:50 AM
January 4, 2019 03:36 AM
Price negotiable???
January 8, 2019 08:43 AM
From: Orange County
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Price is fixed
January 10, 2019 08:31 AM
I can add tires or cog depending on location
January 10, 2019 08:57 AM
I’m located in LA also but a little tight on cash, if you can drop to $280 let me know!
January 11, 2019 03:09 PM
From: Orange County
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3 bikes
That’s too low.
Price is fixed as described i can only add tires or cog as mentioned above
January 11, 2019 08:52 PM
Any chance you'd sell just the rear wheel ?
January 11, 2019 10:11 PM
From: Orlando
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I am only selling in set.
January 11, 2019 10:25 PM
January 20, 2019 10:31 AM
February 18, 2019 12:44 AM