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March 11, 2019 11:41 PM in Marketplace


FS: Kashimax Five Gold
January 17, 2019 07:07 PM in General Discussion

What the fuck is happening to the world

High Quality Academic Writing Service - AssignmentAce
January 17, 2019 07:06 PM in General Discussion

This is glorious my friend. I’m glad you have returned from your hiatus

secrets of the parallel universe
January 11, 2019 10:11 PM in Marketplace

Any chance you'd sell just the rear wheel ?

FS: 36h Mavic+Durrace track wheelset -$350
January 11, 2019 08:03 PM in Marketplace

Enjoy the inevitable cracked seatpost clamp

WTB: Bianchi Concept Pista 59cm
January 4, 2019 05:54 PM in Marketplace

Is it stamped as a 60 or a 57?

FS: 92 Cannondale Track - 57cm
September 28, 2018 08:23 PM in Marketplace

Haha what? That's fuckin' weird, none of them are upside down when looking at the post from my computer or iPad

FS: 58cm GT Pulse, 60cm Panasonic Track, 61cm Bianchi Pista
September 8, 2018 12:22 AM in Marketplace

Indeed. All three still for sale

FS: 58cm GT Pulse, 60cm Panasonic Track, 61cm Bianchi Pista
September 5, 2018 12:13 AM in Marketplace

Did this bike come from the Kissena velodrome ? I know they had a bunch of rental GT’s

July 29, 2018 07:10 PM in Marketplace

This thing is so rad.

FS: GT Olympic Team Pursuit
July 23, 2018 04:09 PM in Marketplace

Pretty douchey, pretty funny

FS: 58cm GT Pulse, 60cm Panasonic Track, 61cm Bianchi Pista
July 21, 2018 09:51 PM in Marketplace

Trump takes bumps

FS: 58cm GT Pulse, 60cm Panasonic Track, 61cm Bianchi Pista
July 17, 2018 10:26 PM in Marketplace

Gotta start clearing some space out in my house so just gonna throw up a few bikes and see what happens. First, the cream of the crop: 58cm GT Pulse with literally all of it’...

FS: 58cm GT Pulse, 60cm Panasonic Track, 61cm Bianchi Pista
June 26, 2018 05:09 PM in Marketplace

3/32 or 1/8 on that chainring ? Cheers

FS: TAKHION track crankset
June 26, 2018 05:07 PM in Marketplace

You're going to want to post a photo of the serial number under the BB housing; just to save you some headache.

FS: GT Pulse *58cm* complete in Arizona $2500 *update on size *
April 23, 2018 05:11 PM in General Discussion

Pretty big bummer. Hopefully they're able to get something going again

Brian Piccolo Velodrome
February 21, 2018 08:08 PM in Marketplace

Let me guess, Craigslist special? You've probably been riding around on someone's stolen bike. Probably a cheap coat of paint to keep them from finding it then threw it on Craig...

FS: Help to ID this badboy $0.00 ?
February 21, 2018 08:01 PM in Marketplace

*fucking steel

FS: Cannondale Track size 54,5 Blue
February 18, 2018 09:24 AM in General Discussion


Nicolas California's two-month resignation
February 8, 2018 05:46 AM in Marketplace

Très belle. Bonne chance

FS: Brooklyn Machine Gangsta frameset
January 31, 2018 06:14 PM in Marketplace

Any chance you'd sell the stem and bars ? Beautiful frame, wish it was my size

FS: 53cm Cinelli Olympic $900
January 28, 2018 05:54 PM in Marketplace

PM sent regarding wheelset

FS: colnago super pista full bike $1300 until Feb
January 27, 2018 08:23 PM in Marketplace

Just make the damn decals

FS: Pedal Room Decals
January 21, 2018 06:21 PM in General Discussion

Anyone down in South FL ride here? I've been thinking about driving down one day for the Wednesday night ride or one of the race series.

Brian Piccolo Velodrome
January 9, 2018 11:34 PM in Marketplace

Yeah that eBay one is a bit small for me and pretty steep on the price. Bubba post your bikes! Don't tell me you passed up that laser.

WTB: Land Shark Track shark