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FS: Dura Ace 7710 170mm Crankset

I have a complete crankset with the octalink bb, and a dura ace 51t chainring. There are no blemishes and the cranks are in really good condition. I moved, and well the girlfriend doesn't like all the spare parts I have at her place.

For the whole package I am looking for 300 + shipping and fees, which would be insured and sent through USPS.

Most likely in a flat rate box. I will cover the insurance costs, so shipping should be around 17 dollars in the medium flat rate, but I can look around and see what would be the most cost effective. Plushy not included.
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August 6, 2018 01:59 AM
where are you located?
August 6, 2018 03:50 AM
From: New York , NY
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Located in Phoenix, AZ 85281 zip code.
August 6, 2018 09:17 AM
Price is obo, send me an offer if you have interest in it.
August 8, 2018 03:25 AM
bump, price dropped to $260+ shipping
August 21, 2018 07:24 AM
is this still available?
September 6, 2018 05:33 PM
is this available
January 23, 2019 08:10 PM

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