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FS: GT pulse 54cm

May 28, 2015 11:43 PM
Selling my aluminium GT pulse 54cm.

Wanting around $600US. 1 of only 12 made. very rare frameset.

The stiffest aluminium track frame ever made.

Hit me up on here or email

Also see this link:
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From: Aarhus, Denmark
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May 29, 2015 01:24 AM
From: Los Angeles, CA
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May 29, 2015 03:55 AM
^^^^^^ ahahaahha yeeeaaaahhh i don't know about that but it's a damn nice frame
From: East Bay, California
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May 29, 2015 05:22 AM
I'll humors a bit of much for shipping???
May 29, 2015 05:23 AM
To long beach, California. 90802 zip.
May 29, 2015 07:28 AM
Was designed and raced for a short time by the New Zealand track sprint team.

This frame is considered the stiffest aluminium track frame, 1.5" to 1 and 1/8th" headtube,

Huge top tube, and downtube, and triple triangle seat stays, prove me wrong and show me a stiffer frame?
From: Aarhus, Denmark
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May 29, 2015 07:30 AM
Shipping will be around $100usd
From: Aarhus, Denmark
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May 30, 2015 10:35 AM
Shipping to england?
May 31, 2015 01:06 AM
One of twelve? I'd love to see that confirmed.
June 6, 2015 10:59 PM
Has been confirmed by the New Zealand GT importer. This was a prototype frame sold only in New Zealand. It never made production. 4 of each size where produced. Do some research before you start posting shit on here.
From: Aarhus, Denmark
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January 14, 2016 03:27 AM
Is this still available? I'm saving my pennies now! That's if it's still available and if it will be by the time I have enough saved!
From: Bronx, New York
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February 29, 2016 01:05 PM
From: Denver, CO, USA
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August 30, 2016 04:20 PM
Still available?
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September 2, 2016 08:06 PM
I think some might argue the cervelo T1 is stiffer/stiffest.

Either way its just a bold claim to make on a forum
From: Boulder, CO
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