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FS: Pink Phil Wood track hubset pending sale

Laced but never ridden single fixed high flange 36h pink Phil Wood hubset.

Asking $350 shipped (in CONUS) w/ fees included. OBO

If you are in college or recently graduated price is $325 w/ fees and shipping (in CONUS) included. Trying to help out the fellow broke homies a little bit.
February 16, 2017 09:58 PM
February 17, 2017 01:39 AM
From: Milwaukee, WI
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February 17, 2017 03:02 AM
From: Beautiful Southern California
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why would someone lace these, never ride them, then take them back apart?!?!?!?!

i'm confused
February 17, 2017 03:31 AM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
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The kind that have a significant other that ended up not liking the color and it was a surprise gift. Rather than lose money on rim and spokes that are liked, I'm selling the hubset and will shop for a different color. Very frustrating but it is what it is.
February 17, 2017 04:27 AM
ahhhh shit, i'm sorry man. these would look great on my SO's lavender BK in my opinion, but i kinda think she would hate it as well. some people don't appreciate the pink

GLWS these are beautiful
February 17, 2017 05:08 AM
From: Bizzzerkeley, CA
423 posts
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everyone's well aware of Phil quality & maintance-free aspects, but price point will be sure to motivate this sale
February 17, 2017 12:36 PM
^ plus one
February 17, 2017 01:06 PM
From: bay area
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Yeah. Pwebb our opinions on steeze is always wrong in their eyes. Lol. If I had the money I'd get an engine 11 pink frame and build these for them. Pink is underrated imo. You don't see them everyday.
February 17, 2017 02:04 PM
February 17, 2017 02:39 PM
From: bay area
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Snap snap
February 17, 2017 04:11 PM
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whole lotta lotta truth in all these posts. GLWS!
February 17, 2017 04:44 PM

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