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FS: sold

September 10, 2019 01:36 AM
From: Budapest, Hungary
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September 10, 2019 03:42 AM
That’s more than he charges for brand new ones.
September 10, 2019 08:19 AM
Well that's how "reselling" works
From: Germany
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September 10, 2019 01:02 PM
That’s how reselling works for hype beast shit, not bike parts.

But with your logic that means I can buy a hed3 for stock price and then resell it way more just because?
September 10, 2019 02:23 PM
Or wait until he restocks then in a couple months and buy them for the actual price of $120 brand new, take the hype beast style sales somewhere else.
September 10, 2019 04:06 PM
Hype beast only good at spending da money not at understand da money
September 10, 2019 04:07 PM
But glws
September 19, 2019 04:19 AM
Good price since I dont think he restocks camo rings anymore.
From: Chicago
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