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FS: Tiemeyer Custom Track Frame - Reduced

February 2, 2017 08:05 PM
Looking to sell my Tiemeyer frame set built for women's masters champion Tove Shere. Bottom bracket is stamped "Tove" instead of a serial number. The bike was designed for pursuiting and kilos. The seattube measures 49cm c-c and 60cm c-t and the toptube c-c measures 54cm. For sale is the frame, fork, and cane creek 40 headset.
Asking $900 shipped. Also open to trade offers on just about anything size 53-54. Bike will be professionally packed.
Can also negotiate including a 32h Phil Wood wheelset laced to Wolber GTX2 hoops.
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February 3, 2017 07:15 PM
great bike, great backstory, timeless Tiemeyer, very solid asking price, awesome sprinter while maintaining that old school class. GLWS, this shouldn't sit here for long . . .
February 7, 2017 03:12 AM
why this hasn't sold, or how it ever made it down to page 2, tells me too many people are fools
February 9, 2017 09:54 AM
Fabel why dont you buy it then?
From: Sweden-malmo
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February 9, 2017 11:56 AM
^ I would if I were confident in dialing in the fit; no fault of this bike of course.

Tiemeyer's are very well made frames by a guy who's been in the industry forever & has been trusted by some of the highest level teams out there. & this is being sold complete for a bit less than the cost of having one welded up. for as quick as guys are to buy Cinelli's & Low's, it's foolish for the right sized person to not have already bought this

February 9, 2017 03:22 PM
FABEL this bike is not being sold complete. Read the listing.
From: Los Angeles
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February 9, 2017 04:14 PM
Wiki-fabel. I like reading your posts keep it up
From: Sweden-malmo
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February 28, 2017 10:17 PM

Hope to buy this as soon as I start my second job.
Rare frame set.
From: Las Vegas, NV
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March 8, 2017 09:52 AM
I would give you the john Waite on my profile plus cash
March 14, 2017 06:14 PM
Makes me miss my old GT
From: Los Angeles, CA
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March 19, 2017 11:55 PM
Final drop to $750 for frameset.

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