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FS: Trade my GTB for 50cm Cinelli or bianchi

The bike is my profile am wanting to trade for another high end alu frameset such as a cinelli or bianchi in a size 50 for a pro fit
May 4, 2017 08:13 PM
From: San Diego, CA
8 posts
3 bikes
Hey. If you decide to sell it, I'm really interested.
May 5, 2017 08:27 AM
I want :(
May 5, 2017 09:04 AM
From: San Francisco California
80 posts
9 bikes
May I trade by cash
May 9, 2017 02:55 AM
Hey i messaged you about a possible trade for a frameset.
July 29, 2017 02:15 PM
From: Chicago, IL
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8 bikes

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