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WTB: 54cm frameset or complete

Need to get back into riding soon, but don't want a beater as I'll probably look into upgrading more once warmer weather hits. Love me a fixie single speed

≤$500 paid via PayPal invoice. I'm local to NYC

Wishlist: Specialized Langster , Fuji Track, All-City Thunderdome (silver)
March 24, 2019 01:31 AM
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Lemond Fillmore 55 cm
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March 24, 2019 01:51 AM
From: New York , NY
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I’m located in NYC and I have a cinelli parallax for sale
March 24, 2019 05:27 PM
I have a pristine caad 5 in size 54cm.
Frameset $500
March 25, 2019 06:19 PM
From: New York
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Please check my profile
i got a few bikes for sale

all 54 size
March 26, 2019 06:51 AM
From: Ukraine
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