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July 18, 2017 06:33 PM in Marketplace

It'll depend on your frame. You should measure the top of the seatpost with some calipers

FS: Silver Thomson Bits - post, stem, clamp
July 14, 2017 08:37 PM in Marketplace

+1 great deal, great seller/all around duder

FS: Shimano XTR MTB Pedals
July 14, 2017 06:37 PM in General Discussion

Get a new frame then. If you're too old for fixed you're too old for bro-pro too

Drilling rear brake hole on a kagero
July 14, 2017 06:34 PM in Marketplace

Dura Ace axle nuts now included on track wheels

FS: Track and Road Wheelsets
July 10, 2017 08:15 PM in Marketplace

Single Fixed Dura Ace 7600 to Hard Ano TB14 - $275 + shipping [url=/f/1db6f55273_4.jpg][img]/f/1db6f55273_4s.jpg[/img][/url] - Hubs are freshly serviced and wheels were built ...

FS: Track and Road Wheelsets
July 7, 2017 04:43 PM in Marketplace


FS: FBM Sword with segmented fork, campy cranks, b43, miche supertype post
July 3, 2017 05:19 AM in Marketplace

You could at least PM people when you lowball them jesus

FS: Phil Wood Bottom Bracket - $100
July 2, 2017 09:55 PM in General Discussion


Wall mounting w/out the studs!
July 2, 2017 05:19 PM in General Discussion

Got mine in the mail today!

All-City Tiny Hat Society Patches
June 28, 2017 06:36 PM in Marketplace

What hubs are those?

FS: Gipiemme Tecno416 wheelset
June 27, 2017 09:46 PM in General Discussion

+1 listen to zeb

Slammed Stem
June 27, 2017 03:36 AM in Marketplace

Damn I'd buy this if it weren't for those marks

FS: Chris King 2 Nut Headset - 60
June 22, 2017 12:42 AM in General Discussion

I have the same issue. What happened was you deleted a message in your inbox and then that person sent another message to you in that conversation. I don't think there's any way...

Notification bugs!
June 21, 2017 12:50 AM in Marketplace

I don't understand why people post local pickup only stuff here. Just a waste of everyone's time

FS: Colnago dream pista 56
June 19, 2017 09:12 PM in General Discussion

I think the godzilla has those faux lugs. Maybe this is before that

Anybody know what this frame is?
June 12, 2017 07:03 PM in General Discussion

and the award for pedalroom's vaguest question goes to....

BIke repair
June 11, 2017 11:18 PM in General Discussion


good price for vittoria open corsa SC II
June 11, 2017 08:18 PM in General Discussion

Did you try other tires on those rims? The campagnolo rims on my medici were huge pain with any tire

good price for vittoria open corsa SC II
June 11, 2017 03:02 AM in General Discussion

I bet if you cut the seat tube down the center you could smoke meth on it

Anything I can do with my frame ?
June 7, 2017 09:54 PM in Marketplace

Don't do it

FS: Wittson Ti Track 54cm complete $2300
June 4, 2017 10:29 PM in Marketplace

Bumping $50 shipped. Guys this was on a cannondale track so it's worth at least 1500 euros

FS: Easton Kinesis 1" Threaded Road Fork
June 3, 2017 05:22 PM in General Discussion

Also, for anyone curious about the Phil bb: the stock gxp shells are 12mm wide, the phils are 10mm and the phil spacers are 2.5mm. I'm using one spacer on the driveside and have...

Omniums with Paul Hubs?
May 31, 2017 10:57 PM in Marketplace

45mm of rake, 210mm of steerer, clears 25s There are some marks on the non drive side leg but they're just aesthetic. $60 shipped will include cool stickers

FS: Easton Kinesis 1" Threaded Road Fork
May 29, 2017 11:26 PM in General Discussion

Thunderdomes have pretty crappy resale values for some reason. I think you could get 1500 at the very most for it

What's a good price to list my bike for sell.
May 25, 2017 09:54 PM in General Discussion

Sounds like ghostride is getting a little jealous

Chased by a dog when I riding.