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October 5, 2018 05:51 PM in Marketplace


FS: GT GTB 56 $1,200
October 5, 2018 05:50 PM in Marketplace

^ $420 OBO

FS: '97 Bontrager Privateer Comp XT Rasta $420
September 29, 2018 05:00 PM in Marketplace

Posted to eBay @ $480. Will accept $420 for PedalRoom :). Cheers-

FS: '97 Bontrager Privateer Comp XT Rasta $420
September 29, 2018 04:59 PM in Marketplace


FS: GT GTB 56 $1,200
September 26, 2018 04:42 PM in Marketplace

Hi gang. Posting here before I list on eBay. Will ship ConUSA via BikeFlights which should be around $60. Please let me know if you have any questions / offers / requests for...

FS: '97 Bontrager Privateer Comp XT Rasta $420
September 25, 2018 05:36 PM in Marketplace

Bump. Open to offers.

FS: GT GTB 56 $1,200
September 24, 2018 03:57 AM in Marketplace

Hey there - Would you entertain shipping? I've got a tubular track disc but I'm near Seattle, WA. It's an older Campy Record track hub with a wheel cover glued into plac...

WTB: Rear track disc wheel
September 24, 2018 03:25 AM in Marketplace

Selling my GTB. Fits like a 56. Bike details are in my profile. This was a velodrome-only bike so is in very good condition. Asking $1,300, open to offers, not in a hurry ...

FS: GT GTB 56 $1,200
May 3, 2015 01:45 AM in General Discussion

This pretty much goes without saying but a USA-made ABS plastic box would fail just the same. It's one material against the other in this test, not really country of manufacture.

Video of Chinese product quality
July 29, 2014 08:58 PM in General Discussion

Try giving Chari and Co a ring? I know they have them often enough. Another option is King Kog (either Brooklyn or Oakland).

where to buy bmw gangsta track
March 10, 2014 09:10 PM in General Discussion

Agree on loose cog. A chainwhip will work too :). If you don't have the tools, have your LBS do it for you. You're riding a delicate line to stripping your lockring threads.

SRAM Omnium skips/jumps
March 10, 2014 09:07 PM in General Discussion

The decals look surprisingly nice. Well done!

Giving a more modern feel to a Look KG496
February 25, 2014 08:19 PM in Marketplace

Very interested in the Sugino 75 chainring. I am local to SF as well. PMing...

FS: Mavic Open Pros to DA7600, SG75 drivetrain, FSA track ring, 3T ARX