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Coomer: What's your name, where are you located, and what do you do?

Tim: Tim, I live in Leeds in the UK, I'm a full time Digital Anaylst for the British Wool Marketing Board

Coomer: Awesome, how is riding in the UK?

Tim: I love it. It's such a versatile country to ride in and I've been lucky enough to ride up and down the country, I studied in Glasgow (Scotland) where I began riding properly, moved to London for a year and then this last year I moved to Leeds (closest to my home town) which now suits me best as it's quite hilly terrain.

Coomer: Gotta love hills! Is that when you got involved with Fixed Gear Leeds?

Tim: Pretty much. I'd followed Fixed Gear Leeds for quite some time as they not only had a good reputation generally but there was always really interesting content on the Fixed Gear Leeds blog spot. I attended the Restrap 2nd Birthday Alleycat in February, got to know some of the guys then and the rest just flowed from there!

Coomer: Now I understand that's sort of evolved into The North Race, right? Can you tell us more about that?

Tim: Yeah pretty much. Since Leeds fixed gear was specific to Leeds and very similar to many other blogs around the UK we wanted to introduce something new where not only was the content fresh and from riders around the UK but also an organisation to produce events, competitions and specifically get people riding from all aspects of the cycling world.

Coomer: Good stuff, I love alleycats myself, what's been your favorite event? And why?

Tim and his LOW//

Tim: I did an Alleycat in Glasgow maybe 4 years agao now, I didn't know the city too well and I knew I had no chance of winning which made it a lot more fun as I didn't feel any pressure! The alleycat itself was made up of 7 clues to street names where you had to go, when you got there you had to look for a picture of an animal on a signpost or mounted on a wall, etc. It was a really clever idea and was probably my first taste of how alleycats can be so different from one another. I'd have to say all in all though my favorite had to be the Restrap 2nd Birthday event where I came in 2nd place. I went without knowing many of the riders, let alone the city, had a pretty rubbish start, but managed to pull places back with the hilly part of the section. It was a lot of fun and a huge rush of adrenaline! I guess alleycats have changed for me a little now as I've helped organise 2 this year!

Coomer: Congrats on second! Onto your LOW//, it looks amazing! What's the story behind that Death Spray fork?

Tim: I become aware of Death Spray Custom maybe a year or so ago when Sam from Fixed Gear Leeds blogged about the collaboration project between Tokyo Fixed Gear, Feather Cycles, Nike and Death Spray Custom. I did a bit more research and found a website & blog and just started following projects. He also followed me and I assume saw that I had quite the passion for cycling. It was about March I think, I got a direct message from David (of DSC) that went something like... "Are you fast?" as to which I replied saying I'd come 2nd out of 30-40 riders in the Restrap race just a month ago and that I thought I was in pretty good form at the minute.

He then asked if I'd ride on behalf of DSC for Tokyo Fixed Gear Hunt Criterium race. His only request was that I ride his bike.  I was a bit worried about riding his Pro Lite as with such a beautfiul paint job, and with it being a stunning track bike, I didn't want to crash it or anything. The day before the race he simply said "Ride it like you stole it." I came 5th out of 30 in the first heat and 13th out of 30 in the final heat. I was pretty happy with both positions and David wasn't too fussed what position I came. He asked me to send my forks down maybe a month or so ago; I didn't know too much about what he was going to do to them, and in honesty I didn't care, I love everything that comes out of Death Spray Custom and I enjoy the mysterious nature behind any projects he takes on. As part of the DSC Team i'm sure I'll be taking part in a few races in the new year and the forks will be pretty clear indication as to who I'm riding for.

Coomer: Very cool. How's the LOW// in general? Any future plans with the bike?

Tim: The LOW// is perfect. It's everything I wanted and was without a doubt worth the wait. There may be a few additional changes, maybe some new paint in the future, but we'll see. For the minute it's as I'd first imagined, my perfect build.

Coomer: I think that's about all I've got. Anything else you'd like to say?

Tim: No that's pretty much everything!

Follow Tim at @timothypulleyn on Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to check out The North Race.

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