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1976 Colnago Super

I got this as a whole bike in less than desirable condition. I tried saving the original paintwork but since it was electric blue met every touch - up was showing. I wanted to restore it to a nice finish and it just wasn't happening. Then I came across pictures of Greg Softley's 1969 Colnago and fell in love: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cyclomondo/sets/72157608849170699/. Hence I had the paint removed in a lye bath.

Colnago Super

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HPL says:

A fine ride; sorry to see it's moved on; hopefully to a good home. My '75 Super is needing a "bit" of touch-up also; seeing your restoration has me considering that option. Unfortunately, I've never seen an example like mine in the same paint or decals. I've yet to find any decals online to match for replacing, although I'm sure they could be reproduced. With that rather unique "look", even with the "battle scars", I'm hesitant to restore the frame. I have refurbished/replaced components to exactly match model, style, date codes, etc.; and have a perfectly functioning bike that looks good, just don't get too close. I've ridden my bike for nearly 35 years, and have never been disappointed. Only thing I find odd with your frame is the fork. Around '75-'76, the crown had the "clubs" logo and "Colnago" stamped into the crown. As with most of these earlier frames, some ended up with the changes and some did not. Often later frames getting parts from earlier "leftover" stock of lugs, etc. I have seen that fork on earlier models (fully chromed, or crown only), my fork has full chrome with the "clubs" and "Colnago" markings on the crown. I've always considered mine a '75/'76 due to the crown, but my decals make me think is was a '75, and without someone providing an example of known provenance that matches mine, I'll probably never be sure. Take care.

Posted almost 5 years ago


Rushing says:

I agree that the blue was really great, but I also like the yellow. Or red with the yellow decals would be cool. But I think you did a fantastic job on this one!

Posted over 10 years ago


Rzjarvis93 says:

this is great! you are definitely doing it right, my man.

Posted over 11 years ago


cjdavid says:


Posted over 11 years ago


strange says:

nice project!

Posted almost 12 years ago


sloman says:

hope you are going to restore it geared. too many "fixie"perversions of classic frames.

Posted about 12 years ago


marc68ch says:

of course. As close to the original as possible

Posted almost 12 years ago