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2007 Gellie Custom messenger track

Had this frame built after I snapped FIVE gorgeous old lugged track frames at the bottom bracket in three years.This is the response of a Melbourne Uni trained mechanical engineer to the problem....

Kaisei 022 O/S top and down tubes,True Temper MTB head and seat tubes,Reynolds track tandem chainstays,Kaisei seatstays and Paragon track ends and MTB style reversed seatpost binder to keep grime out.All joints fillet brazed with bronze or silver as appropriate for stress dispersal as opposed to lugs.

Kaisei fork blades,Paragon crown,Llewellyn ends.Drilled because it was/is policy of mess co. I was working for that you had to run a brake so just in case they ever enforced this I compromised.Chris King headset of course!

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino 75 165 NJS(ex Max Rainsford),White Industries Sugino 75 messenger specific with Sugino 15mm bolts

Basic,cheap Time ATAC

Phil Wood 18t(now I'm old and weak)work setup17t,47t Cycle Underground(now marketed by Fyxomatosis),Izumi Supertoughness or HKK Vertex chain

Nitto B125 NJS,Nitto fillet brazed track sprinter's ahead stem.(STIFF!!!)

Old style Flite w/cutout,Truvative team

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
DT swissRR1.1,Phil Wood HF,Michelin Lithion(now),pro racer rejected Michelin Pro Race or Vittoria Open corsa(work days)

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
DtT Swiss RR1.1,Phil Wood single fixed HF,Michelin Lithion(now),usually Vittoria Rubino(work days)-both wheels my build.

More Info:
Finish was an experiment in clear powdercoating bare metal-which,from the rust that started forming almost immediately,was a bit of a failure!Though in the context of this bike,which was consciously built to look like a beat up old piece of junk to the uneducated,casual observer it happily added to the effect, while to those that know...WOW!It has been described as a "super ugly".Used to run Champ Keirin grips on it,but last year spent two weeks riding around Riga in Latvia(moving there in a few months!)and the medieval cobbles found there forced the change to gel tape to absorb the jarring a bit in this ultra stiff cockpit!

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