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70's Windsor Profesional Track Bike

Already had wheels,bars and stem.Ebay find frame for which I then sourced remaining parts from all over to build up as close as possible to original 1978 catalogue specification.

70's Windsor Profesional Track 58cm ColumbusSL,Cinelli type lugs,Campagnolo ends.

Original Windsor,Campagnolo ends,unfortunately drilled.Campagnolo steel Pista headset(OEM)

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Polished Campagnolo 144bcd 165mmPista.Italian threaded Campagnolo Pista Bottom bracket-70-P-120 axle

Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista,Campagnolo laminated straps

17t Phil Wood,48t Campagnolo1/8Super Record,NOS Regina 80

Cinelli Pista light alloy

Cinelli Unicanitor,Campagnolo Nuovo Record 26.8

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
36 hole FiammeG8 sew up,Campagnolo RecordHF,Continental Giro

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
36 hole FiammeG8 sew up,Campagnolo Record HF,Continental Giro

White cotton bar tape as per catalogue driving me crazy!To be replaced with white original Bike Ribbon

More Info:
Mexican Cinelli clone. Windsor were the bike sponsor for Merckx's hour record.Rumoured to be built by Remo Vecchi,a 20 year veteran builder for Cinelli that Windsor poached.I now know that's not quite true!Having found Mr Vecchi's biography on line I now know that he was an Italian born engineer whose family had been in Mexico since the early fifties who was employed to supervise production in the Windsor factory.When Windsor wanted to build high end,pro level bikes they chose him to go,by arrangement,to Italy to study how Cinelli went about it-as he spoke fluent Italian.This was as early as the late sixties.He,therefore,never actually worked for Cinelli nor did he ever actually pick up a torch or file on these bikes.It was,however, he who at the last minute placed the Windsor stickers on Eddie Merckx's hour record bike-thereby enraging Ernesto Colnago,who had actually built the bike!It is still unclear who actually built the frames or just how mass produced,if at all,the pro level bikes were! Wanted one since I read original Bicycling mag test in the early 80's-"Quality of an Italian bike for half the price".Still holds true today-this was on ebay with a "buy it now" of $325 USD-with an absolutely perfect Pista headset included and in my size-I couldn't resist!Just wish I could go back in time and stop the fork from being drilled!Has a ridiculously fragile blue early re paint-practically falls off the chrome!If anyone out there can tell me what year this is from the serial no. it'd be VERY appreciated!

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Ashok_Captain says:

A beaut! I love forks with curved blades! Thanks for restoring and sharing.

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Noypi says:


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Ronzonatron says:

Thanks-it's appreciated!

Posted over 6 years ago