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2009 — KHS — Flite100

My pride and joy. Fits me like a glove and handles beautifully.——— This was my first fixed gear bike, and I bought it in early May '09. At the time of this posting it'll be it's second birthday - and it has changed dramatically.——— My ex-girlfriend and I are on good terms, and this was useful because she worked at a sports store. I therefore put my charming smile and flirtatious manner to good use, and had her order me a *lot* of things at 50% of retail price.——— The first of which was the Nitto B125AA handlebars. It's hard for me to put into words how much I adore them.— They weigh nothing and are the perfect track-drop shape, for me at least; with a bit of cloth tape they are a joy to grab on to.— I've had them for two years of heavy riding, and they still feel like brand new.——— Amongst other, smaller/cheaper, items I also managed to get my favorite wheel of all time: the SRAM S30AL Sprint.— It's almost weightless, still runs smooth as silk, and looks pretty too.——— I switched over to clipless pedals about a month ago, after recieving a free pair of Specialized shoes from my girlfriends aunt & uncle.— I love riding clipless; end.——— My latest addition is the San Marco Rolls in RED (!). A lucky find on eBay, as they are apparently out of production. I had the black version of the same saddle before, and its the most comfortable for my ass.— The red version is simply for aesthetic reasons.——— Other parts changed slowly over time, the only stock part is the headset, which will change before summer '13. ——— I think it's done for now, and I'm really pleased with it. Next...my take-to-school/winter/cheap bike which I'm building up over the summer. Enjoy!

KHS Flite 100 Track Frame — 2009 Model

Stock — Cane Creek

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino Messenger — Same

Look Keo Classic

15 — 46 — Izumi (stupidly expensive one; why the fuck not?)


Nitto B125AA — Thomson Elite

San Marco Rolls (RED.) — Thomson


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
SRAM S30AL Sprint — SRAM — Vittoria (red)

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity B43 — Formula — Vittoria (red)

More Info:
It used to be White. Now it is Black. (Nice powder coating job IMO) This is my favorite non-human thing in the world, and I will kill or maim for its honor.

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more pics please!

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Bugs says:

wow nice flite man!
nice saddle.. :)

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droz says:

Thanks buddy, and yes, I LOVE that saddle (but even more so the Rolls in PINK like my profile pic, haha).

I put a photographic history of this pic up here:

Pics are in chronological order...


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