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Affinity Marta 08 (Sold)

60.5cm seattube, bought used on a New York-trip in 2010. I actually went to the Affinity store in Brooklyn first, but as i found the guys in the store to be real 'duoches' i just couldĀ“nt stand them and left. (!)

Affinity marta (Lo-Pro)

straight blade lugged Affinity fork 40mm rake

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Miche Primato 165



drops as imaged

Concor knockoff, Pristine Amsterdam

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:

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Carrozzeria_Setina says:

The guys at the affinity store in Brooklyn are a joke!

Posted over 10 years ago


jayffinity says:

Guys, hoping who ever ready this can understand the ups and downs of brick and mortar small business.

As of January we closed the "bike repair shop" as of January. I'm sure not everyone who visited had a good experience, I bet you could say that about any store... sometimes you like a place sometimes not. I can say we are passionate great guys... well some of our shop guys were jerks.

We are a great company, so don't let a fw bike shop assholes make up your mind about Affinity.

I'm quite sure our customer service is very good, if you have any questions email me personally at info@affinitycycles.com or jason@affinitycycles.com

I'm happy to help and answer any questions.

Posted almost 10 years ago


skidmark says:

Affinity guys douches +1

Posted over 11 years ago


Kevin_R says:

That's a gorgeous build, love the white back drop in the photos, shame to hear they give that vibe with bikes like these..

Posted over 11 years ago


_toph2481_ says:

thats a lo-pro.

Posted about 12 years ago