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Kory York K2

What if Cannondale were to revive its legendary Cannondale Track, back in its pure, original form? We were all somewhat disappointed when each revival was nothing like the original. Enter Kory York, a small Italian company, set on the belief that handcrafting is the real key to doing it better. Inspired by, or should I say to pay homage to the legend, Kory York released the K2, taking it into their own hands to give what the people yearned for. Ever since they released the K2 model back in 2017, I was obsessed in this modern recreation of the original Cannondale track. Few years later, I finally saved up enough to build my dream bike from my childhood. Maintaining the tight geometry, if not tighter than the original, this bike rides even better than it looks. I also opted for a custom paintjob, based on the original Icelandic green with golden logos that glimmer in the sun. Continuing on with the modern revival theme, the whole bike is built up using modern counterparts of classic parts: deep section carbon rims from light bicycle laced to Mack hubs with a combination of high and low flange, inspired by the Zipp 440 wheelset with some flare; Rotor cranks with an AARN chainring, paying homage to the Sugino CHCD cranks, etc. Switching between couple of cockpits to go with the bike, the drops are of a modern compact silhouette, and the riser setup straight from the 90s. To make the bike comfortable for longer rides, I opted for a simple looking cutout saddle. Here I present my pride and joy: 2021 Kory York K2, my dream build after 8 years of riding strictly fixed gear bikes. I dedicate this bike, to my past grandfather. Guiding me through my life, just as this bike does.

2021 Kory York K2 size M, custom painted

Kory York R28 | Tange Levin

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Rotor Aldhu Track 165mm | Rotor Track BB

Ritchey WCS XC | Chrome shoes

Phil wood 17T | Mack Lockring | AARN 49T | D.I.D Racing Pro chain

Easton Monkey Lite CT2 510mm | Champ Yoshida grips | ITM Eclypse 100mm

Specialized Romin Evo Expert | Simworks Froggy Setback Seatpost | Omni Racer ULTRA-Lite Full Carbon Seatpost Clamp

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Light Bicycle AR46 Disc horizontal 3k weave | Sapim Laser | Mack Low Flange 20h | Panaracer Agilest 28C

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Light Bicycle AR46 Disc horizontal 3k weave | Sapim Laser | Mack High Flange 24h | Continental Gatorskin Black Edition 25C

Bike History

Click a link below to see past stages of this bike.

  1. Aug 16, 2022
  2. Sept 22, 2022
  3. March 19, 2023
  4. June 24, 2023
  5. Sept 12, 2023
  6. Jan 16, 2024
  7. Feb 2, 2024
  8. April 27, 2024
  9. June 2, 2024

Current Stage Info:

Wrist injury, broken quill stem for drops, my Kory York has turned into a full time commuter bike now. Added cutout saddle so my sacks are happy, new carbon seat clamp adds to the sleek look of the bike. Best this bike has looked so far. Lovin it!

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albert88 says:

super cool

Posted 16 days ago


akahenry says:

Do you recall the spoke lengths that you went with for both the front and rear wheels? Which calculator did you use to determine the spoke lengths by the way?

Very interested in doing something similar to yours!

Posted 16 days ago


vxarea says:

use iliketrackbike.com and calculatge yourself

Posted 15 days ago


past says:

hope youre looking for black itm

Posted 17 days ago


Karl says:

You are clearly damn skilled at piecing things together. Massive respect! Quite jealous with this one...

Posted 17 days ago


ryanrla says:

What an honor! Couldn't have made it more presentable without your photo tips

Posted 16 days ago


_rd says:

Really appreciating your attention to detail with this build - the bike looks great. Loving the LF front and HF rear hub choices. Matching hubs are great and all but I feel like HF front hubs look a little out of place on small-silhouette steel forks.

Posted about 2 months ago


ryanrla says:

Hi, I always wanted to explain why I chose to do this. The goal was to make it seem like there are no hubs- small low flange gets almost hidden behind the steel fork, and for the rear, it looks like the spokes are coming out straight from the cog. Most people nowadays love high flanges, but on my previous wheelset I thought it looked out of place. Overall I tried to make the whole bike as simple & sleek as it could be, as seen on the seatpost clamp, valve caps, thin clamp on the stem, thin track grips, etc. Not the most traditional approach you could say

Posted about 2 months ago


_rd says:

It came out really well. I'd definitely go LF/HF on my next track wheelbuild. Didn't notice the minimalist seatpost collar on the first look, that's a neat design. Bike came out great.

Posted about 1 month ago


jdawg4334 says:

Wow, this is amazing

Posted about 2 months ago


jankoenig00 says:

Ayo whaddup

Posted about 2 months ago


SonicOnDrugs says:

Nice build

Posted 2 months ago


EMannBikes says:

DAMN this thing is immaculate.

Posted 6 months ago


vxarea says:


Posted 6 months ago


NicolasCalifornia says:


Posted 10 months ago


ianiscaratti says:

gives me some cannondale vibes

Posted about 1 year ago


metatronic1123 says:

I really dig this build, not usually a fan of rotors + Threaded headset, but its growing one me!

Posted over 1 year ago


GhostRidingTheWhip says:


Posted over 1 year ago


LookNoHands says:

Not usually a fan of rotors but with the AARN it goes hard. Loving the new meets old vibe on this build!

Posted over 1 year ago


ryanrla says:

Appreciate it! As time passed it's definetly gone more modern than classic, but glad you like it

Posted 17 days ago