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FS: feeler Cannondale Capo

FS maybeThinking of selling my frameset. White/grey color. Was gonna strip it down and paint it that track blue but never got around to it. 56cm great condition. What's a fair price? Any interest? Thanks for looking!
May 28, 2017 05:32 PM
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Any picture ? Maybe a price ?
May 29, 2017 03:42 AM
From: Tokyo
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I would be interested
May 29, 2017 06:20 AM
From: Los angeles
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Wow both of you have nice cannondale's already!
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May 29, 2017 07:21 AM
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i saw one (raw metal version) go in germany a few weeks ago for 280e (310$) shipping included, and i've seen some complete bikes for around 800e (890$)

Also have a look at the price for a brand new one and maybe that will help. I think 450 is probably top end but it depends on who wants it and how much they think its worth!
May 30, 2017 11:33 AM
i sold a red capo a year ago for $450 complete. Had some upgrades and very low miles. was small size 52.


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May 30, 2017 01:39 PM
From: New York
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