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Bianchi Pista Troll Concept 2009

When I discovered the world of fixed gear bikes few years ago, I immediatly fell in love with Bianchi's Pista Concept. However, it was a "too hard to get your hands on" frameset so I built a conversion instead.However, I was catched again few months later by the idea of getting one when I saw it was available at bikyle.com. Inspired by the fixed gear freestyle expansion, I decided to build a "trick oriented" bike. I went with a mix of BMX and track racing parts to create this ultimate Tarck bike which was kindly nicknamed by my friends: The Hybrida Concept. I was pleased with the visual aspect of the bike but, it had too many defaults. Too slow for high speed mashing and too weak for serious tricking. After 2 months of riding I decided to get rid of the majority of the parts including the frame. So here's my spoiled my Pista Concept

Bianchi Pista Concept 2009 53cm

Identiti Rebate Park, Stolen Insider

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Sugino 75, White Industries

Dixna, Univega toeclips (Switched to F*U*B*A*R toeclips after breaking the Univega), Dimension Double straps (switched to Cadence Double straps)

EAI SuperStar 18t, Sugino Zen 47t, IZUMI Supertoughness

Nemesis Project Lil'Weezy, Profile Racing H.I.P. 65mm

San Marco Lina Professional, Traitor cycles

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Aerospoke (Aerojoke sucks. I only used it until I finished my front wheel then, I sold it), Vittoria Randonneur 28c

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Velocity Deep-V, Phil Wood, Continental Sport Contact 28c

ODI Longneck grips

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octopuschicken says:

I dare you to build the ugliest bike ever......
too late.....

Posted over 11 years ago


pinoymamba says:

this brings me back to 2008.

Posted over 11 years ago


cjdavid says:


Posted over 11 years ago


GPB says:

Yup thats what I said to myself too

Posted over 11 years ago


Benson says:

Dude, no

Posted about 13 years ago


GPB says:

u mad?

Posted over 12 years ago


GPB says:

Oh sorry I deleted your comment! :-(

Posted over 12 years ago


GPB says:

You were talking about my bike being über tarcked and your friend's GT with a Fu manchu.
Hahaha! Anyway such things happen sometimes!

Posted over 12 years ago


Coomer says:

Looked good man. Understand what you mean about going fast on a trick setup though.

Posted over 14 years ago