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DDR TEXTIMA pursuit track

gen 2 - textima pursuit track

Added by DUSTIN. Last updated over 12 years ago.

As of over 12 years ago, DUSTIN has indicated that they no longer own this bike.



VintageSpace says:

Where did this one went to ?

Posted over 5 years ago


Eastsider says:

Whoa! How did U get it? This is an original rare track bike from the GDR national team! TEXTIMA decals are very seldom, because advertising was not usual at national comps and Olympic Games. TEXTIMA stands for a clothing machines factory in Chemnitz, containing the bicycle brand "Diamant". The time trial and pursuit track bikes were built in special workshops in Chemnitz and Leipzig, so they have no real brand. All bikes were made to measure for the Topdrivers of GDR. Carbon disc wheels were made in the GDR - also in Leipzig - since 1984.

Posted over 11 years ago


Blokk says:


Posted about 12 years ago


Blokk says:

26` or 24` frontwheel?

Posted about 12 years ago


moltres says:

sick drop!

Posted almost 13 years ago


tjjjjjj06 says:

can we see some pics of the bike on the right? possibly the fork/stem?

Posted almost 13 years ago